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Tanning salon insurance is required for most states and the insurance companies I recommend serve primarily the tanning salon industry, you can choose from GLS Underwriters or another company I like called Insuretec.  You will be tempted to call your local insurance agent, and you may need to get a quote for a standard of reference for cost analysis, but you will find they are still confused about tanning salon risks and either quote a very high rate or refuse to insure all together.  Tip: do not pay $3000 for a 1 year policy, the amount you pay should be between $300 to $1000.

Indoor Tanning Associations:  There are a few indoor tanning industry associations available which I strongly recommend, these include:  Smart Tan , Suntanning Association for Education "SAE" , and The National Tanning Training Institute "NTTI" .  All of these organizations will give you great information about the indoor tanning industry, including where to buy insurance for your salon or day spa.

Installing Tanning Beds: You can find tanning bed movers by clicking here.   The first question asked when thinking of installing tanning beds is how wide are the doors? The answer is simple enough, the wider the better.  Most owners install 3.0 doors which are 36 inches wide.  Remember tanning beds are shipped in two halves with the lamps already installed and the beds will arrive on pallets and in two boxes or more.  Set up a staging area in the parking lot in front or behind the salon and open each box to determine if contains a top (canopy) or bottom (bench).  Once you identify the bench, model #, and room #, it will go into, then determine which side will be the front and then walk the bed in with two or more men into the room and set it face down with the front of the bed facing the wall with the electrical outlet.  Attach the legs, then bring in the top or canopy and attach the top hinges and shocks or springs to the bench.

Inventory Control: Most tanning salon software programs, such as SunTouch Software have features which help salon owners prevent loss due to fraud and theft. These include fingerprint verification and camera capabilities for your customers and bar code scanner for your products. With a pc based system you can also ensure no one turns on a tanning bed without first logging into the system with a password, this helps eliminate free tans when you are not in the salon.