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Tanning Salon Business Plan

download a free business plan template in Word format here

WHY do you need a business plan?  To obtain financing from a bank or lending institution and to have a point of reference for expected expenses and income get a free tanning salon business plan hereto effectively measure your success in the future for your new tanning salon business, day spa or health spa. If you are in need of financing to open a new  salon, many banks today require a "business plan" before approving business loans.
To help promote the "re-opening" of closed salons I am now offering a free tanning salon business plan in Microsoft Word format.  A business plan helps a potential owner evaluate their business model and examine potential income versus expected expenses.  Click here to download the tanning salon business plan for free.  Please pay it forward when you get a chance.

This extensive document will give a banker or investor the best "big picture" of your business idea and whether or not it is investment worthy.  You must have a Microsoft Word document editor and be able to change, edit, or delete info in the format below:

Sample template in Word Format, you change these fields:

will, upon commencementlearn how to start your own tanning salon business here of operations,  provide the service of tanning bed rentals. We will provide an upscale, sanitary environment, along with quality lotions, swimwear, and sunglasses. Superior customer service and high quality tanning equipment will set <YOUR.COMPANY.NAME> apart from the competition.

< YOUR.COMPANY.NAME > maintains an environment and structure that encourages productivity and respect for customers and fellow employees. Additionally, the environment encourages employees to have fun by allowing creative independence and providing challenges that are realistic and rewarding.

A few pointers when completing a tanning salon business plan:   Keep in mind this free business plan template is an extensive document which you should immediately begin editing to suit your business model.  Most banks are just testing you with the request for a business plan and are surprised when you can produce an effective presentation.  Put some thought into the balance sheet section regarding your projected income and expenses for the salon and take a hard look at the numbers yourself and see if they meet your expectations.  Also remember, in today's economic times, you will need a very reasonable monthly rent or lease agreement amount or own your building outright.  Check your local auctions for great deals on commercial locations.  I see incredible deals every day on commercial properties and having a "rent free" situation is one you will not fail in and now is the time to invest in real estate.  If you can qualify for rent in a major center, you can qualify for a loan on a foreclosed property at auction rates. In summary, I recommend you buy your own commercial property down the street from the strip mall at the same price as rent in the strip mall.  In the end, you will own real estate and build equity in your business more rapidly.

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